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What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is actually a tattoo applied into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance the natural appearance. All procedures will look bolder, brighter and more defined immediately after treatment. It will be much softer and look more natural after the swelling and brusing goes down and a layer of your own skin grows over it. Healing time is approximately one week. If the procedure looks perfect the day of treatment, you don’t have enough.

Conventional makeup can be applied over permanent makeup (after it heals) for a more dramatic effect for an evening out on the town. Lipsticks can be used over permanent lip color to make them darker or lighter or to change the shade for a special outfit.

Permanent makeup is for those of us who are very active whether it is sports, working outside or inside. If you cannot see to put your makeup on properly anymore or wish to correct asymmetrical features. If you have allergies or just want to be free of daily makeup application.

Procedures Offered By Custom Permanent Makeup:

Eyeliner & Eyebrows
Lips & Lipliner
Areola Restoration


  Permanent eyebrows can give the appearance of hair in the brow or added fullness and depth to brow line that saves time by not having to apply makeup every morning. 

Custom Permanent Makeup
There is no substitute for excellence, training and years of experience. Making changes in appearance is a personal decision. CPM uses a personal approach to each patient based on their desires, coupled with the most up to date treatment options and procedures by listening carefully first then selecting the best procedure to produce the best outcome for each individual.



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