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Lip Procedure

Permanent lip color is beautiful and will make your lips more defined. It not only changes the color, it can appear to change the size and shape as well. Any trama to the lip can cause a cold sore even if the client has never had one before; a prescription for Valtrax or Zovarix is recommended to begin the day of procedure as a prevention from a cold sore outbreak.


Lip Liner
A lip liner is drawn on if the shape is to change or if fullness is to be added to the lips. The topical is then applied and timed for 25 minutes before procedure begins. A second topical is used during the procedure to minimize any discomfort. This area takes the longest to heal and is more sensitive during healing. The color is very bright for about a week then everything flakes off and it looks like the color has gone. This is the “no color stage”. It can take up to 8 weeks for the color to reappear.

Semi-Permanent Cheek Color
Semi-permanent cheek color only lasts for 3 to 6 months which is good because colors change with the seasons. This color is achieved by using a hand tool and does not require the use of topicals. It will look very bright on the first day, but will tone down and look normal with a day or two.





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